Technical concepts
Some of the most vital technical concepts for Finicast Software.
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Formula conventions

Spreadsheet Formulas

Our Excel-based formulas are designed to replicate some of the most familiar functions that analysts have accustomed themselves to over their entire careers. We have implemented some important formulas into our system that we know most analysts need to have.

Python ingestion

Utilizing Python Libraries to Ingest Data

With a catalog of Python libraries and functions, building universal scripts that can take some more source format-specific data, ingesting them and transform into data that feeds directly into your financial models. Finally, inputting your important files can be as easy as inputting data

model builder

Automation in Real Time

Finicast Software allows users the ability to increase efficiency in model building by applying formulas to many cells at once. This functionality can save users up to 50% of their productive time in model building, while saving from different issues that may arise.