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Create and operationalize plans with real-time collaboration from 10 to 1,000 team members.
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Planning is easy with Finicast

Create models using pivot tables.
Put formulas in pivot tables.
Assign slices of pivot tables to collaborators.

Sales Forecasting

Create a pivot table for sales forecasting and assign each slice to each sale rep by e-mail addresses.
Have the sales reps follow a link to see their portion of the pivot table and populate the yellow cells.
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Territory Staffing

Perform account segmentation, territory modeling and staffing plans all within Finicast.

Instantly see territories that remain vacant through easy collaboration with HR.
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Sales Commissions

Calculate commissions for 10 or 1,000 sales reps in one-go.

Write custom commission formulas and overwrite computed values with user-provided values for special cases.
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Centrally manage historical data, forecasts and business logic.


Build models that scale and automate FP&A workflows.


Create and share beautiful dashboards and collaborate in real-time.

Finicast plays well with Microsoft® Excel®, Google Sheets™ and your existing applications.

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Budget Variance Analysis

Create your budget-variance-analysis template and send it to all stakeholders in one-go.

Their inputs automatically flow back into your main model.
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ARR Analysis

Perform ARR analysis across many dimensions effortlessly.
Collaborate with customer success reps through bi-directional dashboards.
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UNIFY AND ANALYZE data from every part of your company

Beautiful Charts

Easily turn tables and pivot tables into beautiful charts.

Share those charts as dashboards.

Interactive Maps

Display geographical information on a map.

Use a built-in lasso tool to interactively draw on the map to perform tasks such as defining sales territories.

Kanban Boards

Present table information as boards.

Moving cards within the boards automatically updates values in the underlying table.

Ragged Hierarchies

Built-in features that make dealing with ragged hierarchies easy to model and display.

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Pivot-based Modelling

Define a model once and repeat it across thousands of permutations

Fast and Scalable

Create detailed models that trace back to original data sources

Familiar Formula Syntax

Build and audit models with a familiar formula syntax

Version Control

Collaborate in real-time with a sophisticated version control system

Beautiful Interface

Model with ease using an interface designed by analysts

Built for Integrations

Our API-first engineering approach
connects data seamlessly