July 5, 2023

Beyond Spreadsheets Video Series with Daniel Reif, CEO of Finicast

Beyond Spreadsheets Video Series with Daniel Reif, CEO of Finicast

July 1, 2023

Join us for an exclusive video series featuring Daniel Reif, the CEO of Finicast. In this series, Daniel answers questions and shares his personal experiences with the limitations of traditional spreadsheets and highlights the importance of adopting a multi-dimensional collaborative planning solution.

Daniel has over 20 years of experience in a variety of leadership, business planning, and operational execution roles. These roles include leading large scale operations at Infinera for more than a decade, as well as a variety of advisory roles at small and mid-size companies through a variety of advisory roles. Daniel is passionate about the role of disruptive technology in helping companies to create new products, business models, and operationalize processes to achieve revenue growth while maintaining nimbleness and efficiency.

What were you doing when you started running into issues with Excel? Were you able to overcome them? 

In order to get past the spreadsheet shortcomings, what were you looking for in a planning platform? What were some of the benefits you realized came with it?

How did you go about choosing a planning platform? What was the process like and what were the most important features you were looking for?

Why are 80 percent of today’s companies still using spreadsheets when there are so many compelling reasons to switch to a planning platform?

How are companies justifying the cost of planning solutions?

Why are companies so intimidated to transition from spreadsheets to a planning platform?