October 18, 2022

Business Modeling 101 eBook

Business Modeling 101 eBook

Ralf VonSosen
October 19, 2022

Business modeling was once centralized and reserved for a few experts that were building balance sheets, income statements, or cash forecasts. Today’s new business reality requires many more individuals within an organization to analyze, plan, and make data-driven decisions collaboratively. 

Now, organizations are managing this new reality by adapting their modeling and planning processes by making it easy for everyone to participate, creating a way to collaborate on analyses across teams, and boosting computational performance.

As data-driven decision making is expected, and required, in many business areas, it is imperative that more individuals are capable of building financial analysis models. By following some basic guidelines, creating effective models can be done by anyone with a deep understanding of business and knowledge of spreadsheet essentials.

This guide provides an overview to help anyone create more meaningful and impactful models that help make faster, better decisions. Click here to download your free copy today. 

Here is what you will find in our guide:

  • The Basics: organizing, standardizing, and iterating your model
  • The Design Phase: start with the end, and your audience, in mind
  • Managing Model Data: understand model inputs vs. model drivers
  • Telling Your Story: deliver meaningful outputs to your audience
  • Tips & Tricks: 11 ways to make modeling easier

At Finicast, our mission is to provide easy to use solutions to share information, enrich planning, and accelerate decision making. Let’s talk about how our planning and modeling platform can help your organization, contact us today to learn more.