February 1, 2023

Finicast Integrations for Collaborative Planning

Finicast Integrations for Collaborative Planning

Ralf VonSosen
February 1, 2023

In today's volatile business environment, the role of FP&A in managing enterprise performance is critical. The accelerating change and complexity of competitive markets, global economies, and operational execution has pushed FP&A into the spotlight for effective decision making, accurate planning, and reliable forecasting.

Now more than ever, FP&A must collaborate more closely with other departments. This includes building more sophisticated models, collecting updated data from individuals, and adjusting to new business requirements.

Unfortunately, FP&A teams spend most of their time collecting and organizing data from different sources. An unbelievable 75% of their time according to APQC. Even harder to believe is that this metric has only decreased by 2% since 2010.

Today’s leaders must reconsider the amount of time and resources spent on accurate plans, and they must continuously adjust operations to meet the plan targets. Real-time access to plans, metrics, and data-driven decisions is driving digital transformation, particularly in the areas of data integration across different departments and systems.

Introducing FiniConnect. By utilizing Finicast's universal data integration platform to seamlessly transport, normalize, and incorporate data into existing business models, forecasts, and plans, FiniConnect transforms how businesses integrate information from across their organization and systems into their planning platform.

FiniConnect extends Finicast’s collaborative planning solution by providing an integration platform that enables businesses to collect accurate data in real-time while relying on one single source of truth. Finicast integrates with existing systems to free FP&A teams from time-consuming data consolidation tasks and data transfer errors. This enables FP&A and other departments within organizations to:

  • Import data from systems for autonomy and accuracy
  • Ensure large data imports happen effortlessly
  • Reduce dependence on heavy IT infrastructure
  • Increase security for sensitive business data and metrics

Contact us to learn more about how Finicast’s integration platform could help your organization and elevate your modeling, planning, and forecasting today.

Finicast Integrations Solution:

Expand the breadth for data sources included in planning

Integrate a broad set of systems like ERP, accounting, CRM, HR, and data lakes

  • Leverage predefined flows and connectors in the library

Simplify the creation of data connectivity

  • Guided setup to make it accessible for business users
  • Secure authentication ready for IT compliance

Adapt to your unique needs

  • Configure workflows for specific business needs
  • Flexible to changing business requirements