March 2, 2023

Finicast’s Next Generation Calculation Engine to Power Collaborative Planning

Finicast’s Next Generation Calculation Engine to Power Collaborative Planning

Ralf VonSosen
March 2, 2023

As the volume, complexity, and velocity of data have increased across all areas of today’s organizations, the need for more scalable, flexible, and sophisticated planning platforms has evolved from a "nice to have" into an absolute requirement. XP&A professionals must be able to incorporate business changes, such as the introduction of new products, regions, or departments, at scale into complex financial models to provide the appropriate insights for decision-making and performance tracking.

We are excited to introduce FiniEngine. FiniEngine is built on innovative PivotFrameTM technology to elevate scalability and performance for today’s business planning. Companies can now confidently build, extend, and share data models of any size and complexity by leveraging Finicast's innovative PivotFrameTM computation platform. FiniEngine changes the way businesses collaborate in order to turn enterprise-grade data models into more flexible, reliable, and actionable business plans.

FiniEngine powers Finicast’s collaborative planning platform to execute multi-dimensional analysis through on-demand computing. This enables organizations to:

  • Add new dimensions and propagate formulas across all models in one click.
  • Change assumptions and run what-if scenarios in minutes.
  • Create unlimited sandboxes and versions without data and price limits.
  • Leverage intelligent versioning and audit paths to collaborate and iterate.
  • Securely collect inputs from anyone with the right information.

Contact us to learn more about how Finicast’s integration platform could help your organization and elevate your modeling, planning, and forecasting today.