May 15, 2023

From Spreadsheet to Multi-Dimensional Model in 3 Easy Steps

From Spreadsheet to Multi-Dimensional Model in 3 Easy Steps

Ralf VonSosen
May 16, 2023

If you have ever wondered any of the following, then this is for you...

  • How can I add a new product or department to this spreadsheet?
  • No way can I update the forecast in time with the new assumptions.
  • Which is the actual final version of this spreadsheet?
  • I can’t send this spreadsheet to 50 people for their input.
  • Is this spreadsheet going to take hours to calculate?
  • We cannot go through a big platform adoption right now.

Today you can transform your traditional spreadsheet into a powerful multi-dimensional planning model with Finicast in three easy steps. Join the Finicast trial program.

Step 1. Select the ‘Start with Import’ flow from our home screen and upload your flat, column-only, csv file.

Step 2. Map your columns and set a unique identifier for each row.

Step 3. Assign your columns and rows to automatically create dimensions for your programmable pivot table.

And there you have it. Your pivoted data with its related dimensions and data table. Ready to build your multidimensional model.

Once your models are in a modern planning platform, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits of collaborative planning:

Single Source of Truth for Your Data 
  • Centralize, normalize, and organize your data within one platform to ensure everyone is looking at the same version of the truth.
  • Create central roll-up models across groups.
  • Integrate data from various systems into one place.
Building and Modifying Models
  • Iterate existing models to incorporate new business requirements.
  • Build complex and scalable business models that are connected to other models across departments without sacrificing the ability to adapt them easily and quickly.
Collaborative Modeling
  • Share your models with colleagues to incorporate their expertise by modifying them without fear of breaking them.
  • Continuous improvement of models instead of rebuilding from scratch.
  • Create new versions of your models while being able to choose which changes to keep or reject.
  • Reuse existing models in other departments.
Collect Data from Colleagues
  • Collect data input from colleagues securely and directly in your model without relying on emailing your spreadsheet and sharing confidential information.
  • Eliminate manual errors through direct inputs into your models.
  • Track completion status by using simple task management.
Present Dynamic Insights and Scenarios
  • Transform your models into insights that provide value to a wide audience.
  • Simply change inputs to create a variety of scenarios in real-time.
  • Drill down into underlying assumptions to enable better decision-making.
Security and Integrity of Information
  • Stop emailing sensitive information in spreadsheets and ensure your sensitive data, plans, and reports are not compromised within your organization.
  • Maintain compliance with ever more stringent data security requirements.
  • Increase confidence in the accuracy of inputs, models, and outputs.
Democratize Planning
  • Empower many individuals, not just a few experts, to leverage powerful planning and modeling tools, and enable a culture of data-driven decisions and accountability. 
  • Enhance collaboration across departments.
  • Improve agility in all areas of your business.

Collaborative planning will enable you to increase your business agility and operational results by empowering individuals to make better, faster, and data-driven decisions.

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