March 8, 2023

March 2023 Newsletter

March 2023 Newsletter

Ralf VonSosen
March 8, 2023

Spring is almost here and so is spring cleaning. If that includes your planning and analysis spreadsheets, here are some resources to help you on your journey. The first step does not have to be a company-wide platform initiative.

Technology Tools for FP&A: Going Beyond Excel

There is no shortage of technology tools available for Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) professionals. Whether you need to do some data mining, create data visualizations, create reports, perform statistical analysis, or generate budgets or forecasts, there’s an app for that.

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White Paper: When Business Planning Moves Beyond Spreadsheets

As companies grow, spreadsheets are no longer enough to handle the increasing amount and complexity of the information. Better planning software is needed to understand businesses in more than two-dimensions, handle larger amounts of data, and securely collaborate across the organization in the planning process.

Finicast CEO Daniel Reif provides a personal look into his shift from spreadsheets to a modern planning platform. Discover why he decided to move beyond spreadsheets and the benefits he uncovered by making the switch.

Business Planning 2023

Navigating in Turbulent Times Requires Agility: The Secret of Effective Forecasting and How to Use It to Make Your Business More Agile

Forecasting in business is a complex mess, but it need not be. These six principles are as applicable today as when the book was first published in 2019 and will significantly improve the quality of forecasting in almost any organization.

  • Purpose
  • Time
  • Models
  • Measurement
  • Risk
  • Process

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Looking for more resources to help initiate or make the switch from traditional spreadsheets?

It's Time To Move On From Traditional Spreadsheets

  • Accuracy is often compromised.
  • Versioning is difficult to track.
  • Time investment is excessive to create and update.
  • Maintenance is challenging and compromises agility.

My Excel Can't Do That

Here are 9 ways a multi-dimensional planning platform does beyond traditional spreadsheets like Excel in the following categories.

  • Performance and scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Collaboration

What's New at Finicast?

FiniEngine Powered by Finicast's PivotFrame Technology

We are excited to introduce FiniEngine. FiniEngine is built on innovative PivotFrame technology to elevate scalability and performance for today’s business planning. Companies can now confidently build, extend, and share data models of any size and complexity by leveraging Finicast's innovative PivotFrame computation platform. FiniEngine changes the way businesses collaborate in order to turn enterprise-grade data models into more flexible, reliable, and actionable business plans.

Discover more about FiniEngine here.


FiniConnect Integration Platform

By utilizing Finicast's universal data integration platform to seamlessly transport, normalize, and incorporate data into existing business models, forecasts, and plans, FiniConnect transforms how businesses integrate information from across their organization and systems into their planning platform. FiniConnect extends Finicast’s collaborative planning solution by providing an integration platform that enables businesses to collect accurate data in real-time while relying on one single source of truth. Finicast integrates with existing systems to free FP&A teams from time-consuming data consolidation tasks and data transfer errors.

Learn more about FiniConnect here.

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