November 11, 2022

Spreadsheet Humor? There Is Such A Thing.

Spreadsheet Humor? There Is Such A Thing.

Ralf VonSosen
November 11, 2022

Although we may not associate spreadsheets, financial models, and business planning with humor, Scott Adams has proven that even here we can afford to laugh at ourselves. As is always the case, there is a kernel of truth in humor. Here are three lessons to keep in mind, as demonstrated by our friend Dilbert:

1. An effective proposal or analysis requires a combination of elements

  • Data: Complete and timely data
  • Formulas: Accurate calculations and solid logic
  • Format: Presentation that aligns to your audience 

2. Insights are only as valuable as your ability to explain how you arrived at them

  • Articulate your assumptions and data sources
  • Provide a clear path from your data to your conclusions
  • Know where you are working with data and where you are making assumptions

3. Differentiate between the messenger and the analysis

  • Understand the data and assumptions behind insights and conclusions
  • Make it easy for your audience to feel good about trusting your analysis
  • Do not rely solely on the process for accuracy, ask questions

Thanks Dilbert for life lessons. You can find more from Dilbert here.