February 15, 2023

When Business Planning Moves Beyond Spreadsheets

When Business Planning Moves Beyond Spreadsheets

Ralf VonSosen
February 15, 2023

As companies grow, spreadsheets are no longer enough to handle the increasing amount and complexity of the information. Better planning software is needed to understand businesses in more than two-dimensions, handle larger amounts of data, and securely collaborate across the organization in the planning process.


  • Stuck on Two-Dimensions
  • Difficult to Share
  • Limited Scalability

Modern Planning Platforms

  • Easy to Use
  • End-to-End Planning
  • Collaborative

Finicast CEO Daniel Reif provided a personal look into his shift from spreadsheets to a modern planning platform. 

I no longer had the time or "brainwidth" to understand, analyze, and provide insights from the information I spent so much effort to consolidate. Instead, I was a spreadsheet mechanic, making sure all the nuts and bolts were tight and torn belts and hoses were replaced. When systems and tools struggle to perform the function they are expected to, their users spend an inordinate amount of time maintaining them rather than extracting value from them. That was the case when I was bogged down in spreadsheet mechanics as opposed to gaining valuable insights to help drive decision-making.

Discover why he decided to move beyond spreadsheets and the benefits he uncovered by making the switch. 

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