Connect your models and forecasts to existing systems to ensure your plans are incorporating the latest data.
Eliminate manual labor, delays, and errors.
Plan Together. Win Together.
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Accounting Systems

Integrate with most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accounting software to automatically update financial information and forecasts.

CRM Platforms

Integrate with CRM platforms to seamlessly update of sales numbers, pipeline activity, and marketing budgets to model key metrics an keep forecasts up to date.


Ensure data consistency and integrity by integrating a range of databases directly into your financial models and business plans.

HR / Workforce Systems

Integrate HR and operational systems with your Finicast model to facilitate the use of up to date cost drivers like staff costs.


Automate the import of data from supporting spreadsheets and CSV files, cutting hours out of the monthly roll forward.

Revenue Operations

Make it easy to deliver and modify Sales Forecasts, Territory Plans, and Commission Calculations.


Build unified models that scale and automate FP&A workflows such as Budget vs. Actual Comparison, ARR Forecasting, and Flux Analysis.

Workforce Planning

Collaborate with functional departments in Staffing & Hiring Planning, Compensation Calculation, and Recruiting Analysis.

Security and Compliance

No more emailing spreadsheets. Share specific slices of your model with collaborators.

SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA compliant.

Audit trail to ensure proper validation of inputs and confidence in results.