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Collect Inputs

Create tasks and assign them via email to individuals with instructions for specific slices of your model.

Give editing access to specific slices of the model. Stop emailing spreadsheets.

Track task status and send follow-ups to ensure timely completion.

Automated Roll-ups

Roll-up information from different groups and models into a unified model.

Leverage connected models across departments to keep everyone up-to-date.

Standardize across your organization to promote alignment and better decisions.

Model Versioning

Advanced versioning process for real-time collaborative model building.

Rollback to any earlier model versions when needed.

Accept and reject specific model changes made by your colleagues.

Revenue Operations

Make it easy to deliver and modify Sales Forecasts, Territory Plans, and Commission Calculations.


Build unified models that scale and automate FP&A workflows such as Budget vs. Actual Comparison, ARR Forecasting, and Flux Analysis.

Workforce Planning

Collaborate with functional departments in Staffing & Hiring Planning, Compensation Calculation, and Recruiting Analysis.

Version Branching

Share your model with others and collaborate by leveraging versioning.

Decide on the right time to merge a branch model back to its source model.

Maintain updated branch models by updating them from their source model.

Task Management

Provide individuals access to a slice of your model to automate data collection.

Automatically generate tasks that are emailed to individuals with instructions.

Track task status and send follow-ups if needed to ensure timely completion.

Revert Entire Version or Single Change

Experiment with confidence knowing you won't lose your work or break your model.

Maintain the option to revert to a snapshot-in-time version of your model.

Select specific changes made to your model that you want to accept or reject.