Make it easy for everyone to participate

Everyone (not just a few experts) can build and execute analysis.
Plan Together. Win Together.
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Accessible for anyone

SaaS application is accessible for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) to zoom, resize, drag & drop, etc.

See your entire workspace to make creating and modifying your model easier.

Familiar Excel-like experience

Put Excel-like formulas directly inside your pivot tables.

Make your models easier to understand by using standard formatting styles.

Create and assign tasks via email to individuals for specific slices of your model.

Efficient model creation & iteration

Create new models by simply defining your data and creating a pivot table.

Iterate your model with confidence as your business changes.

Leverage an advanced versioning process to collaborate with others.

Revenue Operations

Make it easy to deliver and modify Sales Forecasts, Territory Plans, and Commission Calculations.


Build unified models that scale and automate FP&A workflows such as Budget vs. Actual Comparison, ARR Forecasting, and Flux Analysis.

Workforce Planning

Collaborate with functional departments in Staffing & Hiring Planning, Compensation Calculation, and Recruiting Analysis.

WYSIWYG Workspace

One workspace where you can see, and do, all your work.

Use familiar controls like zoom, drag & drop, and other features to move around in our model.

Add visual styles to your work to make it easy for others to understand your model.

Familiar Formulas and Functions

Create formulas using a familiar Excel-like constructs.

Use a comprehensive library of functions to build your model.

Apply formulas to one cell, row, column, or custom area.

Pivot-based Modeling

Use your existing pivot table experience to create more powerful and flexile pivot tables.

Share your model with others and collaborate by leveraging versioning.

Add or modify formulas in your table and see them flow through your entire model.