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Scalability with dynamic resource allocation

Proprietary calculation engine for intelligent scalability and multidimensional planning.

Change assumptions and run what-if scenarios in minutes.

Unlimited sandboxes and versions without data and price limits.

Accessibility for many in end-to-end planning

Open-ended (like Excel) with accessibility for many to do end-to-end integrated planning.

Add new dimensions across all your models with one click.

Propagate formulas and logic across models automatically.

Flexibility to iterate and adapt models

Intelligent versioning for flexibility in building, extending, and merging models.

Intelligent versioning and audit paths to collaborate and iterate.

Confidence in changes flowing across connected models.

Collaboration via workflows and access

Workflow driven collaboration with the highest level of security standards compliance.

Securely collect inputs from anyone with the right information.

Provide access to team members to create and iterate models exactly where it's needed.

Revenue Operations

Make it easy to deliver and modify Sales Forecasts, Territory Plans, and Commission Calculations.


Build unified models that scale and automate FP&A workflows such as Budget vs. Actual Comparison, ARR Forecasting, and Flux Analysis.

Workforce Planning

Collaborate with functional departments in Staffing & Hiring Planning, Compensation Calculation, and Recruiting Analysis.

Security and Compliance

No more emailing spreadsheets. Share specific slices of your model with collaborators.

SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA compliant.

Audit trail to ensure proper validation of inputs and confidence in results.