Demand Generation

Build more flexible marketing funnel models to analyze performance and forecast activity to plan budget, align with sales, and maximize the ROI of your marketing resources.
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Funnel Forecast and Analytics

Forecast pipeline activity based on the historical trends, and current channels, budgets, and other applicable business dimensions.

Manage campaigns, to maximize engagement and conversion that align current sales goals and budget limitations.

Campaign Budget Plan & ROI Analysis

Import your historical data and add algorithms to create a consistent budget and conversion analysis.

Plan and manage budgets to maximize pipeline activity by building campaigns optimized for the right products, teams, and more.

Channel Activity Analysis

Analyze channel performance by campaign, product, region, and vertical to better forecast future budgets, leads, and MQLs.


Centrally manage historical data, forecasts and business logic.


Create and share beautiful dashboards and collaborate in real-time.


Build models that scale and automate workflows.

Collaborative Planning

Iterative and collaborative process involving all stakeholders.

Pivot-based Modelling

Define a model once and repeat it
across thousands of permutations

Fast and Scalable

Create detailed models that trace back to original data sources

Familiar Formula Syntax

Build and audit models with a familiar formula syntax

Version Control

Collaborate in real-time with a sophisticated version control system


Assign and email individuals to collect inputs for models.

Built for Integrations

Our API-first engineering approach
connects data seamlessly