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flexibility to adjust for changing business strategies
and collect first hand inputs from the field.
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Budget Variance Analysis

Create your budget-variance-analysis template and route it to all stakeholders to collect updates right into your model.

Share and connect your model with others to ensure new updates automatically flow across the company.

ARR Analysis

Effortlessly perform ARR analysis across multiple dimensions like business units, products, regions, and more.

Collaborate with customer success reps through bi-directional dashboards to validate forecasts and actuals.

Flux Analysis

Shift among time periods, business units, and other parameters as needed for decision making and reporting.

Collect explanations for budget variances from the individual budget owners to create a more meaningful analysis.


Centrally manage historical data, forecasts and business logic.


Create and share beautiful dashboards and collaborate in real-time.


Build models that scale and automate workflows.

Inclusive Planning

Iterative and collaborative process involving all stakeholders.

Pivot-based Modelling

Define a model once and repeat it across thousands of permutations

Fast and Scalable

Create detailed models that trace back to original data sources

Familiar Formula Syntax

Build and audit models with a familiar formula syntax

Version Control

Collaborate in real-time with a sophisticated version control system


Assign and email individuals to collect inputs for models.

Built for Integrations

Our API-first engineering approach
connects data seamlessly