Forecast Infinitely.

Zoom in on what matters

Making models
from mountains of data

Scale your company’s operating model to the size and depth of your company’s big data.

Your engineers, marketing team and sales people track a treasure trove of data useful for financial analysis.  Use Finicast to include minute pieces of information into a unified and real-time financial model of your company.

Whether you want to look at unit economics across 10 SKU’s in 10 channels, for each of your 20 sales people, or for each of your thousands of deployed robots -- model it once and see it across any dimension you like, with as many individual “units” you want.

Beautifully orchestrate
your complex business

Effortlessly implement accountability and management processes across all key performance metrics to continuously improve unit economics.

“Everyone has a plan until they
get punched in the mouth”
— Mike Tyson

Quickly and reliably build and adapt your company’s performance model to evolving realities.

Face it. You need to see inside the model.
Your business reality is constantly changing. Your unit economics were great yesterday but today they are struggling.

Finicast’s model builder allows your “feet on the ground” people the ability to quickly experiment with different operating models and propose changes to be merged back into your company’s master forecast.

Merge changes back to the master forecast

Adapt in real time

See unit economics

Cesar Lee
Finicast founder, former investor, programmer and a financial analyst at heart

By Financial Analysts
For Financial Analysis

We are building the future of finance.
With a team from diverse backgrounds, Finicast is changing the way financial analysts work and companies succeed.

We are actively looking for talented folks to join our team. Get in touch.

Cesar Lee

Founder, CEO and
Financial Analyst at Heart

Anthony Deloso

Designer and Creative

Pantas Sutardja

Investor and Technical Advisor

Hugh Kim

Investor and Technical Advisor

Marco Santiago

Cofounder and FP&A Genius

Katie Deloso

User Research. Content Strategy. Design.

Michael Marks


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