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Finicast's next generation planning software.
Easy to work with.
Collaborative by design.
Scalable to any size.
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A better option than Excel or
Traditional Enterprise Planning

No more merging 100's of spreadsheets
No more updating 7 different tables and hoping you didn't miss one
No more 3-month training just to get started building your first model
No more waiting for your provider to allow you to add new business requirements

Easy to work with

Accessible to anyone with spreadsheet and planning knowledge.

Familiar Excel-like experience to build tables and write formulas.

Efficient model creation and iteration without rewriting and rebuilding.
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Collaborative by design

Real-time teamwork across groups with sophisticated versioning.

Confidence in rolling back entire versions or specific item.

Create tasks to collect data inputs from anyone by sharing limited model slices.
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Scalable to any size

Performant for today's data model sizes and complexity by using a patented compute engine.

Compliance to security and regulatory parameters by only sharing limited model slices.

Seamless integration into your other systems to stay in sync.
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Finicast plays well with Microsoft® Excel®, Google Sheets™ and your existing applications.

Revenue Operations

Sales Forecasting: Incorporate a variety of factors into a unified model that automates input collection from the field.

Territory Planning: Account and territory segmentation with staffing plans that are effortlessly shared with HR to track recruiting.
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Budget Variance Analysis: Create a template to route to all stakeholders, and your main model will automatically receive inputs.

ARR Analysis: Leverage pivot tables to build a model across many dimensions that is easily shared and understood by other groups.
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Workforce Management

Staffing and Hiring Planning: Collaborate with functional areas to model scenarios and assess impacts to optimize your workforce.

Commission Calculation: Calculate for 10, or 1,000 sales reps, with simple formulas, and collect inputs from the field as needed.
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Fund Management

Portfolio Company Updates: Templates automatically collect inputs and provide insight into a unified portfolio analysis.

Fund Valuation: Pull financial valuation metrics into a unified model to calculate metrics such as MOIC or IRR.
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Revenue Operations VP

"With Finicast we can automatically collect input from the field to update the forecast without having to send hundreds of spreadsheets all over the world."

Director of Finance

"Managing individual spreadsheets just did not work anymore. Now that we have our planning centralized in Finicast, we have eliminated tons of manual work."

Office of the CFO

"It was taking too long to create the reports for quarterly business review and board meetings. Finicast gives us the flexibility and speed we need."

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Pivot-based Modeling

Define Model once and repeat it across thousands of permutations

Fast and Scalable

Create detailed models that trace back to original data sources

Familiar Formula Syntax

Build and audit models with a familiar formula syntax

Version Control

Collaborate in real-time with a sophisticated version control system


Assign and email individuals to collect inputs for models

Built for Integrations

API-first engineering approach
connects data seamlessly