Advanced Business Planning and Modeling

A new multi-dimensional planning platform at a fraction of the complexity and cost of other solutions.
  • Fast time to value
  • Easy to build and modify your models
  • Collaborative planning for your entire team
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Why companies choose Finicast

“We are too unique to be shoved into a Pre-built template”
“I can’t afford a big upfront investment in time and money”
“We can’t depend on a consultant to know our business”
“We are too dynamic to keep going with Excel”
“We need to stop emailing data and versions”

The Finicast Difference

Business leaders and analysts (not programmers) design and build their models and plans
Collaboration facilitated with trackable tasks to securely collect inputs and drive adoption
Engine designed to scale and perform for today's dynamic business needs
Business leaders and analysts (not programmers) design and build their models and plans
Open-ended (like spreadsheets) to model any part of your end-to-end planning process
Easy and affordable to set up, and grows with your business needs without extra costs for number and size of models

Fast Time to Value

What if you measured onboarding in hours instead of months without compromising control and precision?
  • Low entry point for license costs and onboarding resources.
  • Scale models without additional charges.
  • Start small and expand. Avoid the big bang.
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Easy to Build and Modify Your Models

What if you could start building your basic model within minutes without weeks of certification training?
  • Familiar WYSIWYG spreadsheet workspace.
  • Democratize the power of multi-dimensional modeling.
  • Start by importing your data or by building your model.
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Collaborative Planning for Your Entire Team

What if collaboration was more than sharing visuals and adding comments to tables?
  • Secure data collection from stakeholders via tasks.
  • Co-build complex models with confidence.
  • Expand data integrations as needed.
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Revenue Operations VP

"With Finicast we can automatically collect input from the field to update the forecast without having to send hundreds of spreadsheets all over the world."

Director of Finance

"Managing individual spreadsheets just did not work anymore. Now that we have our planning centralized in Finicast, we have eliminated tons of manual work."

Office of the CFO

"It was taking too long to create the reports for quarterly business review and board meetings. Finicast gives us the flexibility and speed we need."

Elevate FP&A Modeling

Budget Planning: Cost centers can directly input their numbers into a centralized platform.
Budget Variance Analysis: Align everyone on your actuals versus forecasts and collect explanations on variances directly into your analysis.
Rolling Forecast: Import your historical data and build your forecast based on a variety of dimensions. Modify dimensions with one click.
Revenue Planning: Whether from last year or zero-based, get everyone on the same page by defining clear and accurate revenue targets.
P&L, Cashflow, and Balance Sheet: Model and forecast your financial statements inside of Finicast.
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Elevate Revenue Operations

Sales & Revenue Forecasting: Forecast revenue based on historical trends and a complete set of applicable business dimensions.
Sales & GTM Capacity Planning: Analyze sales performance by segment, product, and vertical to better forecast future bookings and needs.
Account Scoring & Segmentation: Import your historical data and add algorithms to create a consistent scoring and segmentation analysis.
Territory & Quota Planning: Maximize coverage and set quotas that are connected to your sales forecast.
Sales Compensation & Incentives: Incentivize sales activity by building plans optimized for teams, regions, and products.
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Elevate Marketing and Demand Generation

Demand Gen Funnel Forecasting: Forecast pipeline activity based on historical trends, current channels, budgets, and other applicable business dimensions.
Channel Activity Analysis: Analyze channel performance by campaign, product, region, and vertical to better forecast future budgets, leads, and MQLs.
Campaign ROI Analysis: Import your historical data and add algorithms to create a consistent budget and conversion analysis.
Funnel Activity Analysis: Manage campaigns, to maximize engagement and conversion that align current sales goals and budget limitations.
Budget Planning: Plan and manage budgets to maximize pipeline activity by building campaigns optimized for the right products, teams, and more.
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Elevate Workforce Planning and More

Workforce Planning: Build sales, services, and churn scenarios to assess the impacts of staffing and expenses.
Hiring Pipeline: Plan activity based on historical trends and current candidates, roles, functions, regions, and more.
Company Valuation: Pull financials into a standardized model to drill into value drivers.
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Starting is fast and flexible... 1, 2, 3.

Step 1

Import & Build Your Models

  • Import data and transform it into a multi-dimensional model.
  • Design and build a new model in an Excel-like environment.
  • Leverage familiar Excel-like formula syntax to create logic.

Step 2

Design & Publish New Dashboards

  • Click and drag tables, charts, and visuals to display information.
  • Highlight insights using dynamic formatting.
  • Ensure real-time updates are shown in dashboards.

Step 3

Invite & Collaborate with Colleagues

  • Assign and track tasks to securely update data inside models.
  • Co-build with confidence in proper version control.
  • Integrate with data sources like ERP, CRM, and Data Lakes.

Finicast's Collaborative Planning Platform

Pivot-based Modeling

Define Model once and repeat it across thousands of permutations

Fast and Scalable

Create detailed models that trace back to original data sources

Familiar Formula Syntax

Build and audit models with a familiar formula syntax

Version Control

Collaborate in real-time with a sophisticated version control system


Assign and email individuals to collect inputs for models

Built for Integrations

API-first engineering approach connects data seamlessly