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7 Planning Platform Benefits

February 21, 2024
2 min

If you are wondering how a modern planning platform can help you elevate your planning by going beyond spreadsheets, here are a few of the planning tasks it can make easier—or transform from impossible to possible:

Consolidate Your Data  

  • Centralize, normalize, and organize your data within one platform to ensure everyone is looking at the same version of the truth.
  • Create central roll-up models across groups.
  • Integrate data from various systems into one place.

Build and Modify Models

  • Iterate existing models to incorporate new business requirements.
  • Build complex and scalable business models that are connected to other models across departments without sacrificing the ability to adapt them easily and quickly.

Collaborative Modeling

  • Share your models with colleagues to incorporate their expertise by modifying them without fear of breaking them.
  • Continuous improvement of models instead of rebuilding from scratch.
  • Create new versions of your models while being able to choose which changes to keep or reject.
  • Reuse existing models in other departments.

Collect Data from Colleagues

  • Collect data input from colleagues securely and directly in your model without relying on emailing your spreadsheet and sharing confidential information.
  • Eliminate manual errors through direct inputs into your models.
  • Track completion status by using simple task management.

Present Dynamic Insights and Scenarios

  • Transform your models into insights that provide value to a wide audience.
  • Simply change inputs to create a variety of scenarios in real-time.
  • Drill down into underlying assumptions to enable better decision-making.

Security and Integrity of Information

  • Stop emailing sensitive information in spreadsheets and ensure your sensitive data, plans, and reports are not compromised within your organization.
  • Maintain compliance with ever more stringent data security requirements.
  • Increase confidence in the accuracy of inputs, models, and outputs.

Democratize Planning

  • Empower many individuals, not just a few experts, to leverage powerful planning and modeling tools, and enable a culture of data-driven decisions and accountability.
  • Enhance collaboration across departments.
  • Improve agility in all areas of your business

A modern planning platform will enable you to increase your business agility and operational results by empowering individuals to make better, faster, and data-driven decisions. A planning platform can help your organization transform the way it manages, models, and leverages data to drive business results.

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