Fast Time to Value

Eliminate the stress, uncertainty, and manual work associated with moving from a traditional spreadsheet to a multi-dimensional model.
Plan Together. Win Together.
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Low Entry Points for Licenses & Onboarding

Pay for what you need to start, and increase as your number of users grows.

Rely on self-paced training programs and our success team to onboard quickly.

Focus on a limited scope to get started, and then grow from there. No big bang required.

Scale Models Without Additional Charges

Expand your models without worrying about additional costs.

Create as many versions of a model as you need to explore different scenarios.

Iterate through different scenarios and merge what you want to keep.

Start Small and Expand; Avoid the Big Bang

Transform your spreadsheets into multi-dimensional models as needed.

Adjust your model dimensions on an ongoing basis as your model matures.

Allow new teams and individuals to join at their pace.

Revenue Operations

Make it easy to deliver and modify Sales Forecasts, Territory Plans, and Commission Calculations.


Build unified models that scale and automate FP&A workflows such as Budget vs. Actual Comparison, ARR Forecasting, and Flux Analysis.

Workforce Planning

Collaborate with functional departments in Staffing & Hiring Planning, Compensation Calculation, and Recruiting Analysis.

Security and Compliance

No more emailing spreadsheets. Share specific slices of your model with collaborators.

SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA compliant.

Audit trail to ensure proper validation of inputs and confidence in results.