Watch: How To Manage Confidential Data With Spreadsheets

February 21, 2024
3 min

Finicast co-founder, Marco Santiago, was joined by Schellman security engineer Rebekah Skeete for a webinar to talk about managing the exposure of confidential data when collaborating with spreadsheets, and the best way to protect information. 


Collaboration is a key component of a business’s workflow, so it’s common for organizations to include all department stakeholders when it comes to growth planning, not just the finance team. Getting input from other departments is usually time-sensitive and requires confidential information. Keeping that information confidential when being routed throughout the company is crucial. 

When departments provide their information, it is typically sent via email, where it is possible to send it to the wrong person, or it is added to an unprotected spreadsheet. The data sent may include private information about employees and customers, as well as confidential financial data, all of which is subject to varying levels of risk. 

Despite this, businesses continue to use email and applications that lack security features to keep this information safe, regardless of the risk level.

Even though they lack proper security, emailing and messaging applications, Google Sheets, and Excel are used the most due to their accessibility. Preparing a spreadsheet to be routed is a very long and tedious process. If even one step is missed, there is an exposure risk to all the information in that file.

Creating a spreadsheet should be collaborative, easy, and secure. With Finicast, you can be sure that your information is safe. You have the ability to hide fields, designate input areas, monitor activity, revoke access, and send tasks directly with collaboration instructions. 

Finicast allows organizations to keep it simple and keep data secure. This solution removes the need to manage multiple spreadsheets across the organization, limits the exposure of spreadsheets leaving the company, and safeguards against unauthorized access to data with a few clicks. 

In Case You Missed It

Watch the webinar: HERE

Read the Whitepaper: HERE

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