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Privacy & Security

How do I import my email address list?
Uploading your mailing lists to SaaSFlow is supereasy. Just create a .txt or .csv file with all the addresses and click on the add member/members option on your dashboard.
How many emails am I allowed to send per month?
No matter what plan you choose, there is no limit to the number of emails you can send out per month.
Do you offer non-profit discounts?
SaaSFlow offers discounts to nonprofit agencies and lists for personal non-commercial usage. You can check out the terms and restrictions for the discount here.


Can I see who reads my email campaigns?
Yes, we offer a read timestamp feature with the standard and pro subscription plans.
Are there any email templates that I can customize?
Yes. Templates are easy ways to pre-format content. SaaSFlow provides built-in templates for you to use and also allows you to create your own templates.
How fast is your email delivery?
We can mail up to 800,000 messages an hour.

Terms & Conditions

What do you do about rejected emails?
We  try to send a message 4 times—one initial send and 3 retries over a 36 hour period. If a mail server reports that an address is permanently non-deliverable, we will only attempt to deliver to it once for that mailing.
Do you have A/B testing for emails?
Yes, you can A/B test with subject lines & preview the entire text before sending your mails out.

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